Band name analysis

How do band names differ from country to country or rather what have been used for them? This first analysis helps to clear matters up.

Band names

Visualizations (static)


Genre analysis

What genres are dominant in which country? To answer that a small analysis of the composition of the genres in each country has been done.

Genre analysis

Visualizations (dynamic)

not entirely done, but will be uploaded soon.

Cover tracks analysis

What would be the most covered track in the metal scene? Which band has done the most covers? These and other questions have been answered in this analysis.

Cover tracks analysis

Length (time) of tracks

An analysis of the tracks lengths of metal releases has been requested at the Metal Archives forum. May be done soon.

A dead spot of light

Webzine which covers a variety of genres and styles. Reviews and interviews appear in it. As a software MediaWiki has been used.

A dead spot of light

A dead spot of light (PDF)

The early version of this magazine. Editions appear as pdf files at the Internet Archives.

Archived version